Streetlife in Venice

Venice is not only canals, and not only tourists. On a small square, the locals enjoy the warming sun on a chilly January day.

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Sidewalk Spillover

Open Da Night (Café Olimpico) on the weekend, Montreal Ripple’s Ice Cream on the Main, Montreal

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Colonnades of the Midwest

Both sunrise and dusk photos are among my favorite kinds of urban photography methods, as I find they help convey the more inscrutable, inconspicuous facets of urban form and design that a city exudes, normally unseen in the usual daytime pictures. Ubiquitous throughout midtown Kansas City, Missouri, are the endearing Colonnade style apartment buildings that […]

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Alley Cats

“Princess,” Rua do Duque, Lisbon “Don’t feed the cats,” Macau

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The Flâneur in the Digital Age

Photographer under the Van Horne Viaduct, Montreal It was rush hour on a brisk evening in early March which couldn’t decide between winter and spring. I stepped onto a crowded bus and clasped the handrail as it lurched down Park Avenue. Fifteen minutes and two metro stops later, I walked quickly through a few corridors […]

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Seeing With an Urban Eye

It’s hard to understate the importance of cities. Throughout human history, they have produced the greatest ideas, most influential movements and most productive revolutions. They also reflect the human condition: in a world that is now mostly urban, cities tell us about ourselves. Our greatest achievements and our most profound miseries are embodied by the […]

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