An Art Fair, Lousy Weather and Lots of Beer

Here I was gadding through the Westport Art Fair in Kansas City in mid-September. KC’s frequent art fairs and gallery crawls make it easy to get streetlife photos with relative regularity.

In September we had both the Westport Art Fair and the Plaza Art Fair, with the Plaza fair drawing national artists, and the Westport one retaining a more localized draw.

Here, the smoke from the meat grilling blends in well with the gray sky. I wouldn’t consume that cooking meat though, as I don’t care for foods that also look like phalluses.

Apparently other accoutrements besides art were available, such as this display of watches.

Another booth:

See the rest of my September compilation of Kansas City photos in my thread at café l’urbanité.

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One Response to “An Art Fair, Lousy Weather and Lots of Beer”

  • Christopher DeWolf says:

    Looks fun. I’m a big fan of street fairs, which is obvious to anyone who has seen my summer Montreal photos — between May and September this city is one giant street fair, which makes me very happy. Even in cities with everyday or weekly street markets/fairs — I’m thinking Portobello Road in London on Saturday, Third Avenue in Manhattan on Sunday — there isn’t quite the same event atmosphere that you have during a street fair that only occurs once or twice a year.