Crows Nest Street Fair

Most of Sydney’s oldest and now busiest roads were built on ridges of the sandtone that much of Sydney lies on. At the junction of five of these roads, about five kilometres from the Sydney CBD is the suburb of Crows Nest. Aptly named because it towers above much of Sydney. Even in the low rise office block I work in, I can see seventy kilometres to the west and south and to the Pacific Ocean in the east.

Whilst Crows Nest could never hope to match the liveliness of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, it has a vitality rarely matched in Sydney’s north. Here are some photos from the Crows Nest Street Fair taken on Sunday, 15th of October 2006.

Children and adults alike trying to catch bead chains being thrown from the awning of a building.

Drinks from ‘The Crowie’

More bead chain catching

Brunch at 2pm

Buildings along Willoughby Road

Street Music

Lovers and friends

A delighted baker about to launch free samples into the crowd.

A crowd braves the rain to watch the band.

New Orleans Cafe. Sensibly built on one of the highest points in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

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3 Responses to “Crows Nest Street Fair”

  • Ethan Bayne says:

    Love the powerlines slicing across a threatening sky. Beautiful shot.

    Never understood the whole ‘bead’ thing – whether innocent (as here) or otherwise…

  • Alastair Taylor says:

    BWS, this mob’s turned up all over the place – who’d they buy out? My local bottle-o’s turned into one since I’ve been overseas!

    So distressing! ;)

  • Christopher DeWolf says:

    What is with the beads, anyway? The people grabbing them have a look on their faces akin to what you’d expect to see on some televangelist special.