Ottawa Street Art

Street art like this pops up from time to time in Ottawa’s central areas, but, unfortunately, it is usually promptly removed.

Vanity mirror near Bank Street, now replaced with “For Sale” sign.

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5 Responses to “Ottawa Street Art”

  • Christopher DeWolf says:

    I’m surprised those were taken down so quickly. The telephone pole one I can maybe understand, but the vanity mirror seems pretty unobtrusive.

    Good thing you captured them on film! Or, uh, in pixels.

  • Nick Wellington says:

    It’s a shame, but to be fair, the vanity mirror was taken down for private advertising, not by the city.

  • Alastair Taylor says:

    10/10 for the vanity check point.

  • Siqi says:

    Too bad about the vanity check point. I thought it was actually pretty clever, and useful, too.

  • HJ says:

    These are really cool.. hope the creater puts some more around the city.. it would be nice to stumble upon it.