Three Parking Structures

Quebec City, Quebec. Built in 2006. This one has a green roof.

Quebec City, Quebec. Interior built in 1960s, exterior added in 2003. Here’s another view.

Malmö, Sweden
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3 Responses to “Three Parking Structures”

  • Eric Bowers says:

    Yeah, the dominions of car parkery are indeed making small strides in concealing the hideousness of the underlying uses for these structures. There are three recent parking garages in downtown Kansas City that have noticeably taken on a more aesthetics-oriented aire, compared to their older companions. Fortunately, two of those three garages has ground level retail space, so I’m not entirely disgusted with them.

  • C. Szabla says:

    I like these. They manage to make artistic assertions, maybe even existential assertions, without being an offense to the eye. They scream: this is a parking garage, look what a parking garage can do. They transcend function rather than cowering from it and denying the automobile age by cloaking its detritus in silk skirts, as traditionalists might prefer.

  • Owen Rose says:

    Great photos. I saw the Québec city garages this summer and regret to have not taken photos of then. In some French cities, the Grande place of the city centre hides giant underground parkades. As an architect, I was more interested in the use of materials than the glorification of cars. The St-Roch neighbourhood is a wonderful urban success story. The former maire Lallier possessed an urban vision that served St-Roch well.