City in the Snow


Kansas City is amid its first major winterish weather event. The ice came first, then came the snow. I was planning on riding my bike to work this morning, but found that my bike lock was frozen, and was thus unable to unlatch my bike from the porch post on the back of my building. So I went around front and began scraping off my car to make the 1.6 mile trek to work. Upon arriving, one of my coworkers suggested that urinating on the bike lock would unfreeze it. Then, a more dignified approach to the dilemma struck me – I could simply pour a pot of hot water on the bike lock.

I find it odd though that everyone around me thinks it strange that I would consider biking in this weather. I would rather get in a bicycle accident than wreck my car.

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2 Responses to “City in the Snow”

  • Christopher DeWolf says:

    La Presse had an interesting feature on winter biking a week or two ago. Montreal doesn’t get its first snowfall until late November or early December, and of course winters are getting shorter and warmer, so in recent years the city has extended the official cycling season by four weeks (bike racks are taken away during the winter to facilitate snow clearance). There is an estimated 50,000 people who cycle here in the winter.

    Your snowstorm is even making the news here — which is funny, because it was 17C (63F) here yesterday and we haven’t had any snow yet.

  • Christopher DeWolf says:

    Scratch that — the first snow is falling steadily as a write this. December 1st. How romantic.