When the Buildings Smoke in Calgary


In Calgary, when it’s freakishly cold, so cold your skin starts to burn just from walking outside—cold like it was just a few days ago, after temperatures plummeted to 30 degrees below zero—the skyscrapers release giant plumes of steam as if they were on fire, or perhaps enjoying a few good cigars.

I’m glad I’m not there right now, but the beginning of winter always makes me think of the place, since that’s usually when I return to visit family. Maybe that’s why I finally got my act together and uploaded all of my Calgary photos to Flickr, which you can see here. (Permanent links to my photosets are available in the sidebar.) More Calgary photos after the jump.





One Response to “When the Buildings Smoke in Calgary”

  • Nicholas says:

    Wonderful photos. Memories of my halcyon days, growing up in a then-new suburban subdivision, Shawnessy. The Catholic school I attended would force us to rub, hop & shuffle outside the doors every morning in an effort to maintain feeling in our extremities until precisely 8.30 — not 8.28 or 8.29 — in temperatures that could kill the most hardened Iditarod champion. Who in god’s name decided to build a city in that place.