Upper East Exodus?

Park Avenue; photo by flickr user Ansual The Upper East Side is dying, at least according to New York magazine, in the latest issue of which Jay McInerney tries to convince us that the bastion of the New York elite is heading towards extinction. If such a proclamation is meant to be anything but hubris, […]

Montreal Will Devour You Like the Man-Eating Beast That She Is

Each November, Montreal’s grey skies and endless drizzle lull her victims into a state of sensual paralysis. Her gaping maw then devours them whole, not releasing them until five months later when, delirious and partly digested, they are ejected into a perplexing landscape of budding trees and yawning tulips. This year, however, “November” has lasted […]

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Three Years Later, Moving Along

Toronto Mayor David Miller. Photo by Rannie Turingan. Those seeking thrill from Toronto’s municipal politics were, unfortunately, left disappointed by last Monday’s election. In a city that at times seems to be in love with the status quo, the re-election of incumbent mayor David Miller was hardly surprising, and the campaign seemed at times bereft […]

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For Sale: Myeong-dong

Seoul’s Myeong-dong district is the ninth most exclusive shopping district in the world, according to an annual study of shopping streets published by the real estate analysis company Cushman & Wakefield. Retail space in the bustling shopping area in central Seoul costs about US $376 per square foot, or €3,169 per square metre. The study […]

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Coupe du Monde

World Cup Final, France vs. Italy, July 9th, 2006. Champs-Élysées, Paris.

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Turn on the Lights

In Seoul, a 1970s-era department store with blank concrete walls (below) was enlivened by the addition of LED lights that turned its exterior into a dynamic light show. Photo courtesy of the Architect’s Newspaper. On the television screen in a dark viewing room at the National Film Board in Montreal, it’s a hot summer night […]

Free Rain

The human body is largely composed of water and its intimate connection to the blue planet doesn’t stop with the flush of a toilet. It comes from above and is often a source of grief: too much or not enough. Today it is pouring and 4C, the temperature where water is at its highest molecular […]

The London Eye

It stares mordaciously back at you.

The War on Cyclists

Cyclist on Clark Street, Montreal In this week’s New Yorker, Ben McGrath writes about New York’s cyclists, a diverse, much-maligned group of people who are increasingly determined to make their voices heard. They are, if anything, up for a challange: “New York is by no means a bicycle haven, like Copenhagen or Amsterdam, or even […]

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Accoutrements, Philadelphia

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Can’t Get Enough of Berlin

Warschauer Strasse, Friedrichshain Kastanienallee, Prenzlauer Berg

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Why You Should Jaywalk

Pedestrians crossing against the light When Montreal’s police department announced last winter that it had hired 133 officers to whip the city’s unruly pedestrians, drivers and cyclists into shape, Montrealers responded with a collective roll of the eyes. We’ve seen this before—les flics hand out a few tickets here and there, wag their finger at […]

My Neighborhood: Near The Canal

With shorter days and chilly weather surrounding us, here’s some golden-hour shots of my neighborhood from 2005 to remind us that the sun will return again. Corner of Notre-Dame and Des Seigneurs in the heart of the Quartier des Antiquaires. Along this strip are residential apartments, lofts and condos; these buildings on the corner house […]

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What About JoJo Savard?

Okay, this is the last Park Avenue post for at least a month. I promise. Really! But I have something to announce: Helen Fotopulos has baked some humble pie — and JoJo Savard is invited to dinner. Waiting for the 80 bus at Park and St. Viateur Sitting outside at Navarino on Park Avenue