Into the Heart of Trastevere


Almost every city has a part of town, on the other side of a river or train tracks, that is quite literally eccentric: idiosyncratic, out of the way and determinedly unique. In Rome, this area is Trastevere, which means “Across the Tiber.” Although its oldest section, just across the river from the city’s historic centre, is a popular destination for tourists and local scenesters, the newer, more outlying parts of this large and ambiguous district have an easy workaday feel, where the barely-contained chaos of Roman life somehow becomes more manageable.



View from a sixth-floor balcony in Trastevere


Trastevere tram station


Morning market in a quiet sidestreet


A common sight in Rome: nuns doing their daily business


Contemplating life from an apartment balcony


Evening life along the Via Portuense

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One Response to “Into the Heart of Trastevere”

  • Olga Schlyter says:

    I just made a reservation at a Bed & Breakfast in Trastevere! Looks great in the pics, I wish my trip wasn’t three months away…