Woodbine at Night

Ten Minutes in Sarajevo

[youtube]ppAn0LNU_V8[/youtube] Images of war-torn cities are perversely fascinating. Grozny, Mogadishu, Kabul—they are hollow emblems of urbanity where people try to survive within the rubble of their own lives. Cities don’t simply die when they are torn apart by bombs and artillery; they transform into something battered and ghostly, something undead. Of course, this is all […]

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Free Newspapers

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File: Report: D0

Rain runs down glass (looking at it). Stereo set. Under and over. Stood smoking a cigarette under an eve. A women with blue hair slips, falls, her umbrella smacking against her neighbor. A man down the street turns, wearing orange, hawker color. D. and I met at a tea canteen about half past six—storefront beneath […]

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Scenes from a Lost Vancouver

Earlier this week, on a remarkably sunny afternoon, I walked down Robson Street and into the Vancouver Art Gallery. I was there to see images of a lost Vancouver.

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Montréal Architecture (No.4)

Au cours du siècle dernier, nous avons identifié de grandes tendances telles que « l’historicisme », « le modernisme », « le brutalisme », etc. La construction « verte » n’est pas une formule écologique à suivre ni une mode parmi d’autres. Elle va au-delà d’un bâtiment et englobe aussi le quartier, la ville et […]

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Bulging Cheeks in Sana’a

Old Sana’a: bricks and gingerbread Yemen’s capital is known for its dense streets of brick buildings with white icing. There’s nothing like it anywhere else. But there’s another curious and unique thing about Sana’a: all the men in town have bulging cheeks!

Jackhammer Nights

Photo by Christopher DeWolf I had trouble finding the bar. Street after street flashed into focus and flashed out again, all looking more or less like each other. The same crowds, the same intense and overexposed light. The same unreal feeling, as if the city never ended or altered but ran this way forever. To […]

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My Heimishe Bakery

Every couple of days, I walk to the corner and buy a few things at Cheskie, my heimishe bakery. Of course it’s not actually my heimishe bakery—it’s owned by Cheskie Lebowitz, an affable Hasidic Jew from New York—but I’ve gone there enough over the years to feel a sense of proprietary pride. As its name […]

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Waiting for the Bus: Montreal

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Montréal Architecture (No.3)

When the elevator was invented in 1853 by Elias Otis the possibilities of building tall started to come together. Several technological developments converged at the end of the nineteenth century including electric light (1879) and steel frame with exterior curtain wall construction. The first skyscraper was the Home Insurance Building (1883-85) in Chicago by William […]

Malmö, Hopelessly Grey Yet Quite Colourful

A dull and hopelessly grey city. That’s how William Burroughs describes Malmö in a short passage in Naked Lunch. This was in the 1950s. At that time, Malmö was a prosperous industrial city and one of the world’s largest shipyards, Kockums, was the main employer. But that wasn’t quite what Burroughs was looking for. When […]

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The Ivory Tower in a Concrete Jungle

It’s a muggy September day and Montreal is still in the sweaty grip of summer. I’m downtown on Maisonneuve in the heart of Concordia University’s campus. Crowds stream past me. Just around the corner, thumping bass and echoing wails signal an outdoor concert. I follow the noise, emerging onto Mackay Street. There, before a heaving […]

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Kiss You Are Under the Mistletoe

Holiday street art on St. Viateur Street, Montreal

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