Place Vauquelin



I would be surprised if more than a handful of Montrealers actually know the name of Place Vauquelin, an unassuming little square on the west side of City Hall. That doesn’t matter: it’s a well-used, well-proportioned and pleasant space nonetheless. With a large fountain at its centre, it’s a great place to sit and watch Old Montreal’s summertime crowds. As a passage between Place Jacques Cartier and the Champs de Mars, it’s probably the most picturesque way to walk to Chinatown or the metro. When a square is this thoughtfully designed, we take it for granted—but we really shouldn’t.

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One Response to “Place Vauquelin”

  • Terrence Flanagan says:

    Way back when, this site was very quiet, but then so was “old” Montreal. It was the days before tourism, a good address on St. Paul Street and any building taller than the Sun LIfe. The photo I’m looking at, at the moment, is my older brother, sister & I looking all cherubic in front of a monument to old Vauquelin, in 1939. I presume he’s still there, or has he been replaced by the fountain?