Three Amigos: Dupont Street Edition


An empty factory at 1000 Dupont Street.
Its glassy aloofness beckons at the edge of downtown

As mentioned in my previous post, Dupont Street is something of a physical and psychological demarcation line, a former industrial artery running along the CP tracks separating downtown and midtown, between “there there” and nowhere in particular. It’s a tribute to the city as a work in progress, with warehouses-cum-lofts next to shockingly empty parking lots, and industrial monoliths across the street from working class Bay-‘n-Gable. It may also be the perfect embodiment of the post-modern city, as North Toronto JAPs, Portugese immigrants and downtown types come to shop and hang at a stone’s throw from each other, in the shadow of Dupont Street’s messy, weird, and (sometimes) startlingly beautiful architectural jumble.


Walking east towards downtown, a grungy-looking converted loft


Dupont meets downtown: a converted factory that is well-absorbed into the ebb and flow of city life, for better or for worse

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