Three Amigos: Dupont Street Edition

An empty factory at 1000 Dupont Street. Its glassy aloofness beckons at the edge of downtown As mentioned in my previous post, Dupont Street is something of a physical and psychological demarcation line, a former industrial artery running along the CP tracks separating downtown and midtown, between “there there” and nowhere in particular. It’s a […]

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Where is the West Island?

The railyard, gateway to the West Island. Photo by Ben Soo Every Montrealer knows that the West Island is not, in fact, an island unto itself: it is simply the westernmost part of Montreal Island, a collection of towns and boroughs home to about 250,000 people. To many anglophones, it is synonymous with “suburbia”; to […]

The Non-Conformists

Grange Avenue Kensington Avenue Building like these are like the proverbial blades of grass: if they stick up too high, they’re cut down. Often, when a building breaks with the architectural norms of its surroundings, it is lambasted by nearby residents for being ugly, intrusive or out-of-place. But these kinds of buildings provide a necessary […]

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