From Pixels Into Paint


Ste. Catherine Street, Montreal

Last June, a French artist named Franck Chambrun emailed me to say that he had created a number of paintings based on my Montreal and Hong Kong photos. I took a look at his work and, I have to say, I’m smitten, and it’s not just because he likes my photos.

Chambrun’s paintings of streetscapes are unique and eye-catching. Although they are essentially abstract — the city’s detail is reduced into layers of colour — they manage to convey the clutter, frenzy and humanity of urban life. The ostensible simplicity of his work belies a tremendous amount of depth and nuance.

To make many of his paintings, Chambrun projects a photo onto canvas and works from there. More of his work, including some interesting behind-the-scenes photos and commentary, can be found on his blog.


Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Mount Royal Avenue at Rivard Street, Montreal


Jean-Talon Street in Park Extension, Montreal

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