Vacant Lot Concrete Blocks


Charlotte Street near Berger, Montreal

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4 Responses to “Vacant Lot Concrete Blocks”

  • Samir says:

    This is a really cool picture. It’s sharp and has a really nice perspective. If you get a moment take a look at my site and post some of your pictures there, I think they’re great.

  • BruB says:

    I thought some of these field was were they grew these concrete blocks. I’d like to be a concrete block farmer in Montreal. Big client base and lots of money to do :)

  • Desmond Bliek says:

    I’m not sure if this is true (it’d be great if someone could confirm it) but I’ve heard that one of the reasons these blocks are created is as a way to get excess cement out of the mixer before it sets (and causes major maintenance problems).

  • Those are interesting theories. I’m inclined to learn towards the one about concrete block farms.

    I’ve always heard that the city requires property owners to put the blocks there to prevent people from abandoning their cars or dumping waste on vacant lots.