“Hey Paul!”


North Street, North End, Boston

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2 Responses to ““Hey Paul!””

  • Come on–it’s Boston? Looks like the corner of St. Viateur and WEaverly or thereabouts. Just goes to show you that the kind of construction in ithe early 20th century undertaken in many parts of North American are still full of life!


    On further thought, I’m reminded of the neighborhood that my daughter lived in The Hague a few years ago. The 8 room flat she shared was on the middle floor of thre story building built just prior to WWI. Just shows you that good architectural ideas can adapt over time.

  • The cheesy faux-historic gas lamps are a clear indication that it’s Boston!

    Another difference is that the scale in the North End is a lot more intimate than anything in Montreal, except for a few blocks near the Old Port.