Inner City Pressure


I’ve written about music here before, and I’ve even posted a couple of music videos that have absolutely nothing to do with cities aside from the fact that they were shot in them. It feels kind of silly, but still, it’s a nice distraction from the dreary November weather.

So here’s another video, this one by the New York-by-way-of-New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. Last year, they landed their own show on HBO. It’s about a pair of New Zealand comedy singers who are trying to make it big on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As with any type of comedy, it doesn’t appeal to everyone, and I have no doubt that some of you will find this song utterly annoying — but I love it.

“Inner City Pressure” is not only a parody of Pet Shop Boys, it pokes fun at the great hipster/artist/creatively-under-employed social substratum that has engulfed large swaths of urban North America. There might even be a bit of a satirical take on Wong Kar Wai in the slow-motion shots of nighttime streets under the elevated rail, which are nothing if not reminiscent of the scenes in the first part of Chungking Express.

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3 Responses to “Inner City Pressure”

  • slutsky says:

    Actually, if you’ve seen any early Pet Shop Boys videos (which I just did, for some reason), you’ll recognize that the video’s style (slow-mo stuff incl.) is a pretty faithful parody.

  • Oh well. I’ll just keep fooling myself into thinking there’s an added layer of pop culture reference in that video.

  • Liam Carson says:

    Brilliant. However the sound quality is pretty poor in the video, try downloading the actual song, it really is a good buy.