Delay No Mall


These two videos show a guerilla ad campaign for Delay No Mall, a trendy lifestyle store that opened in Hong Kong last month. It’s an offshoot of G.O.D., a fashion company with products inspired by Hong Kong’s local culture, including some that have gotten it into trouble with the local authorities. (“Delay No Mall” is a reference to G.O.D.’s slogan, Delay No More, which is a homynym of something far more impolite.)

Check out the guy in the black helmet at the end of the second video. I went to high school with him in Vancouver!


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One Response to “Delay No Mall”

  • These are great vids from the dynamic team of G.O.D. boyz. We were lucky enough to be able to do some shoots of the mall in transition with Douglas Young and Ben Lau. Feel free to take a look on our site.

    Great job,