Sinan Road Bicycles

Luwan in the former French Concession, Shanghai

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Hong Kong Doorways: No Sex

Hong Kong is full of interesting doorways. They aren’t quaint or pretty, but they’re loaded with ephemera that reveal small bits of Hong Kong’s everyday life and culture. Take this one for example, which leads to the upper floors of a cheap hotel on a Mongkok sidestreet near Prince Edward Road. The metal door is […]

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Crossing the Street in Bangkok

Unlike people in most Canadian cities, Montrealers don’t take being able to cross the street for granted. For our own sake, we always assume that an oncoming car will not stop, so we calculate our trajectory accordingly when we attempt the seemingly simple task of getting from one side of the road to the other. […]

Better Lives Come Tomorrow

New developments and recycling at Yonge and Eglinton

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Finding Peace in Bujumbura

The central part of Bujumbura was laid out during colonial days, and features a classic City Beautiful rond-point, around which vehicle traffic is channeled. The Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagazore and the Chausée Peuple Murundi come together here. Bujumbura is the capital of Burundi, Rwanda’s non-identical twin in the Great Lake Region of Central Africa. Like […]

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Rainbow Jam

Thanks to its large, multi-hued fleet of taxis and tuk-tuks, not to mention the Thai tradition of exuberantly decorating one’s vehicle, Bangkok must have the most colourful traffic in the world. That’s a good thing, too, because the traffic is jammed so often it would be awfully monotonous without such visual stimulus.

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Railway Stations in Quebec and Montreal

Gare du Palais, Quebec In the 19th century, Montreal boomed as an industrial railway hub while Quebec City fell into obscurity. Quebec remained poorly connected by rail to the rest of the continent until the 20th century. A grand chateau-style railway station, called Gare du Palais, was built in 1915 to inaugurate the new railway […]

Kowloon Mosque

Nathan Road near Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Across the Harbour

The driver of the S62 bus let me on even though there was no value left on my borrowed Metrocard. “Just don’t let it happen again,” he said, waving me back. Twenty minutes later, after a bumpy ride down Victory Boulevard, a narrow commercial street that winds its way across the northern half of Staten […]

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Chinatown Reflections

Corner of Grand and Allen, New York La Gauchetière near St. Urbain, Montreal

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Morning Coffee: Bombay’s Zoroastrian Cafes

Zoroastrian carving, Bombay. Thanks to Toreajade. Bombay’s Zoroastrian community emigrated from Iran about 1,000 years ago and brought their religion along with them–the oldest living monotheistic faith. They are also known as Parsis, because of their Persian origin. Since they cannot marry outside the community, they have retained a distinct identity and appearance. They worship […]

Closing Time at Fa Yuen Gai

[youtube]CSHup9MNXPQ[/youtube] While the Fa Yuen Street market in the north end of Mongkok is more of a destination for cheap clothes, shoes and accessories than it is for food, it still has a good number of stalls selling fruits and vegetables. (It’s also a good place to buy a sweet young coconut to drink.) By […]

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Yokohama Sunrise

A crowd gathers to watch the first sunrise of 2008 at the Yokohama Ferry Terminal.

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Market Lights

Whether it’s Sham Shui Po, Jordan, Sai Ying Pun or Kowloon City, most of Hong Kong’s older neighbourhoods have a similar aesthetic, with the same stained concrete buildings, steel doors, sidewalk altars and worn awnings. It gives the city a remarkably cohesive character despite having such a large population and such varied geography. The same […]

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