Il tombe des peaux de lièvre sur Montréal


“Les peaux de lièvres” is quintessential Tricot Machine. Deliberately innocent but twinged with melancholy, it revels in the simple pleasures of life, like wandering through a snowy, nighttime Montreal. I have to be honest when I say that I probably wouldn’t have remembered it if it weren’t for this music video, which is probably the first stop-motion animation I have seen that uses knitwear as its medium. It also features a nice visual narrative that takes us past Mount Royal and the downtown skyline and up the side of the Olympic Stadium, weaving between the intimacy of personal life and the greater experience of the city.

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One Response to “Il tombe des peaux de lièvre sur Montréal”

  • AllyKatt says:

    i am wondering if you can perhaps translate the lyrics of this song into english? i have some friends who are knitters and we have become fond of the song, but none of us is fluent enough in french to translate it, and babelfish doesn’t do it justice.