Metro Partying


Earlier this evening I attended the latest Montreal edition of Pecha Kucha Night, a creative show-and-tell that is based around a number of brief six-minute presentations on an eclectic array of topics. One of tonight’s presenters spoke about Urban Play, an umbrella term meant to unite much of the public space-related art and intervention that is currently taking place in the world’s cities. It’s an interesting concept, one that (at least in my interpretation) encompasses a lot of interesting stuff: street art like that created by London’s CutUp or Montreal’s Roadsworth, interventions like those staged by Dare-Dare, and even things like the Silophone.

Tonight, though, I’ll leave you with videos of two rather light-hearted subjects that could perhaps fall somewhere on the margins of Urban Play: Korean subway tecktonik and a Montreal metro party thrown in honour of three of my friends.


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One Response to “Metro Partying”

  • That guy on the Seoul Metro is amazing. Usually on the Seoul Metro you’ll find blind people playing terrible music asking for money or old ladies throwing gum at you, later taking it back if you don’t pay them.