Montreal by Bus: The Names of Bus Routes

You could conceivably have a bus network where bus lines were identified only by their number. We don’t technically need bus routes to have names for them to be usable, as long as each bus has a key: something, probably a number, that makes each route individually identifiable to riders. Still, it would be pretty […]

Dancing in the Street

[youtube]e-2EuNC5ejk[/youtube] One of my favourite things about summer in Montreal is the sheer abundance of street closures. Of course, they aren’t closures at all, they’re openings — streets given over to pedestrians. This past weekend, cars were banned from at least seven areas, including most of the streets in the Latin Quarter, all of Ste. […]

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Ominous Sky

8pm near the corner of St. Laurent and René Lévesque.

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Side Street

Probably Bélanger St. – somewhere just east of Saint-Hubert anyway. I was looking at those back stairs and these folks strolled into the frame.

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Half-Truths and Reflections on Home

[youtube]aY9BtROpNQ4[/youtube] If it hasn’t yet been made clear to my regular readers, I’m on the verge of moving to Hong Kong, maybe for only a year, but likely for much longer than that. What this means, of course, is that I’m going to leave Montreal. (I would take my beloved city with me, but the […]

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Brisez la vitre open door

Earlier this year, when I marvelled at Boston’s still-functioning system of public fire alarm boxes, Kate McDonnell pointed out that Montreal once had such a system, too. Unlike Boston, though, Montreal removed all of its boxes, but one still stands outside the firefighters’ museum at Laurier and St. Laurent. Naturally enough, it’s bilingual.

Metro Partying

[youtube]_cWYgJazm7Y[/youtube] Earlier this evening I attended the latest Montreal edition of Pecha Kucha Night, a creative show-and-tell that is based around a number of brief six-minute presentations on an eclectic array of topics. One of tonight’s presenters spoke about Urban Play, an umbrella term meant to unite much of the public space-related art and intervention […]

Roadsworth Goes Downtown

Who doesn’t remember Roadsworth, the artist whose quirky street-and-sidewalk stencils vaulted him into street art stardom in 2004 after he ran into trouble with the law? Since then, Peter Gibson—the artist’s real name—has made a living working in a perfectly legal capacity with City Hall and various other public organizations. Last spring, the Commission scolaire […]

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Tel Père, Tel Fils

La Rochelle, France Montreal, Quebec

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Produkt Paints the City

Every year, city officials decry the rising tide of graffiti that is washing over Montreal, vowing to drain it away with ever more haste. In April, $1 million was invested in a crackdown on graffiti, including $340,000 in the downtown area alone. For the most part, they’re responding to the concerns of the general public, […]

Touring the Abandoned Croydon Factory

My roommate ML and I decided to accompany our other roommate to her hometown of St. Jean for the weekend. Fully decked out in summer apparel, flip flops notwithstanding, we were on our way to pick strawberries but found ourselves delayed by two hours. Having only been away from Montreal for less than 24 hours, […]

Chinatown Saint-Jean

One of my favourite Saint-Jean-Baptiste celebrations is in Chinatown. The programming, on the stage in Sun Yat Sen Square, is eclectic and unexpected, a combination of Ukrainian folk dancing, Mandarin poetry recitals and, towards the end of the afternoon, awkward Chinese pop songs sung by a teenage rock band (with a cover of Audioslave thrown […]

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New Life for a Garment District

Earlier this year, Helen Fotopulos, mayor of the Plateau Mont-Royal borough, stood beaming over a podium as she announced plans to revitalize the old garment district on the eastern edge of Mile End, bounded on the west by St. Laurent, on the east by Henri-Julien, on the south by Maguire and on the north by […]

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Child’s Play

In the alley between Clark and St. Urbain and St. Viateur and Fairmount, Mile End

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