North Toronto Memorial Community Centre

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Bathurst South

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Smoke Break

Stanley Street between Ste. Catherine and de Maisonneuve

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Graf and Shadows

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The Bagel Shop Roof

Here in Hong Kong, rooftops are very functional, used more or less like an extra room in the house: for storage, laundry, recreation. In the past, rooftops were the cheapest places to live, and multiple families would crowd into shanties built on top of walkups and even highrises. Some of those illegal structures still remain. […]


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Street Level

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The Corner Phone Booth

Kristian Gravenor is building himself a reputation as Montreal’s foremost expert on phone booths. He explored their history in Montreal in a recent Gazette article, from the first wooden booths installed in hotel lobbies (“Each wooden telephone booth looked like a confessional, your very own downtown cabin — as they say in French — where […]

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The City to Yourself

Biking around at night is a uniquely satisfying experience. You begin to feel ownership as you pass through shadows and empty streets: for once, you have the city all to yourself, and it becomes a fantasy landscape, a blank slate for adventures and flights of fancy. Earlier today, while poking around the National Film Board’s […]

Tai Po Tsai

For the next month or so, I’ll be staying in a village on Hong Kong’s Sai Kung Peninsula named Tai Po Tsai. Tucked between Razor Hill and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, it’s a likable little place of narrow lanes and typical village houses. Although it is traditionally home to members of […]

Central Alley

Laneway off Wellington Street in Central, Hong Kong

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Island Life in Hong Kong

One of my favourite things about Hong Kong is its geographic diversity. In an area of just 1,100 square kilometres — about twice the size of Montreal Island — you’ll find astoundingly dense urban areas, rural villages, country parks, mountains and dozens of islands. The islands are particularly noteworthy. Traditionally home to fishing villages, many […]

Comics and Trading Cards

I guess these would fall into the “found objects” category of street art. I came across them nearly across the street from one another: the comics at the entrance of an alley on St. Viateur, between St. Urbain and Waverly, and the soccer cards on the window of a bus shelter at St. Viateur and […]

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Commercial Churches

Christ Church Cathedral Before it evolved into Montreal’s main downtown shopping strip, Ste. Catherine Street was the backbone of an affluent residential neighbourhood stretching west of Bleury Street for nearly two miles. This period is reflected in the small handful of nineteenth-century churches that still dot the street, two of which, Christ Church Cathedral and […]

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