Et si on partageait une voiture ?

Vers des villes sans congestion routière ? Au cours de mon séjour en Allemagne, j’ai pu découvrir un mode de partage des voitures assez confidentiel (tout du moins pour l’Europe): le car-sharing (ou “carsharing”, ou encore “autopartage”). Le “carsharing” n’a rien à voir avec le covoiturage qui est encouragé depuis quelques années dans la plupart […]

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Aide-mémoires transport

The scenario works like this: after a night of revelry on Boulevard St-Laurent, it’s time to stagger home. You know the set of night buses you have to take: the 360 to Atwater, say, and then the 356 out to NDG. But, of course, you have no idea what times they’re due to arrive; you […]

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Back from the Beach

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Selling Hong Kong’s Heritage

“A lot of the these things were just picked up from the street. They were just junk, literally, from the skip. It’s interesting how once it’s in here people start to take pictures.” It’s exactly what Douglas Young had hoped for. The 42-year-old architect, designer and co-founder of Goods of Desire, a Hong Kong lifestyle […]

Pop Art

Posters for Pop Montreal, early October, in an alley near St. Viateur in Mile End

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Public Perception of Bicycles

The City of Montreal recently began its annual operation of removing on-street bike racks. This year, it seems that they have been particularly bad about putting up warning signs on the bike racks and many people have had their bicycles removed together along with the bike rack that it was attached to. One new resident […]

Karden Chan

Karden Chan is perhaps best known for her woodblock print of the old Star Ferry clock tower and Queen’s Pier, both of which were demolished in 2006 for a controversial harbour reclamation project, and both of which can be seen at aco, a new bookstore and art space in Wan Chai that is hosting an […]

Race Day

Reading the racing papers at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Shek Kip Mei

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Celebrating Obama’s Victory

[youtube]Rkq9u2JcH6Y[/youtube] If anyone doubted that the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States was a watershed moment, the sight of him delivering his victory speech before an ecstatic crowd in Chicago’s Grant Park should have changed that. Although every politician’s victory is accompanied by jubilation on the part of his or her […]

Sai Yeung Choi Street

One of the best spots for people-watching in Hong Kong is Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mongkok. Each weekday evening, and all day on weekends and holidays, it is closed to traffic and thronged by an incessant flow of pedestrians. (Hong Kong’s urban planning department estimates that, at peak times, more than 16,000 people pass […]

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Fighting the Rent Hike

Every so often in Hong Kong, you’ll come across a protest banner like this one, hanging from the window of a decrepit apartment and bearing a message usually related to rents. In this case, tenants in a building near the Central street market are angry that their landlord wants to raise their rent three-fold. Rents […]

Cloud Cover

Scenes from around the Lachine Canal

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Waiting for Customers

Through the window on St. Viateur Street

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Darkness Falls

South Bay Beach, near Repulse Bay, at 7:30pm

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