Holiday Commute


Getting around in winter is a challenge wherever it snows. Montreal, after a few predictable glitches following the first couple of storms, usually does a pretty good job in making walking and, increasingly, biking possible. Skiing, too: the cross country trail on Mount Royal now takes off from the intersection of Pine and Park, and winds up to the carriage road, laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted 130 years ago. That’s part of the skyline in the background, but it doesn’t look to me like the guy on skis is going to work!

Season’s greetings to all from someone who doesn’t ski or bike but who loves to walk.

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One Response to “Holiday Commute”

  • Francis says:

    Bike commuting in winter is definitely easier than it was a few years back, but we’re still a long stretch from measures the city had announced about 2 years ago. Still, I manage to commute by bike most of the time. People used to look at winter cyclists like they were some aliens on wheels, but not so much this year ;)