My Old Apartment

Four years ago, on a freakishly cold April day, my girlfriend and I walked up Park Avenue in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal, heads pressed against the wind, to check out a third-floor apartment in a typical six-plex, the kind with the steep, curving outdoor staircase leading up from the street to a second-floor […]

Under the Expressway

Huanhe Road next to one of Taipei’s riverside expressways

Lost Boston, Exposed

Boston is one of the most historic cities in the United States, but it’s managed to lose much more of its architectural past than it retains. Sacrificed to urban experiments from concrete piazzas to towers-in-the-park, generations of honeycombed alleys and densely-crammed pockets of housing have largely disappeared from the city center, their former presence registered […]

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Sunday’s Southern Sky

Morning sun over Eglinton Ave East, Toronto

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Montreal by Night

The National Film Board of Canada has officially launched its new website, which includes hundreds of NFB documentaries, animations and shorts, including some that are iconic (The Sweater, which I must have seen at least half a dozen times in school) and others that have long been forgotten (like Paul Tomkowicz, Switchman, which I wrote […]

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City in Ruins

Forget the $2 slot machines and high-stakes poker of Cotai – Macau’s true soul hides within the city centre’s Ruínas de São Paulo, otherwise known as the ruins of St Paul’s. Every day, an endless stream of photo-snapping visitors flow north from the Largo do Senado (Senado Square) to gaze at the cathedral’s magnificent Baroque […]

Espace public et bicyclettes

En arrivant pour la première fois à Karlsruhe, en Allemagne, j’ai été surprise par le nombre de bicyclettes aux alentours de la gare centrale. Il faut dire qu’avec ses 65 millions de cyclistes, l’Allemagne – et ses villes – se doivent d’être adaptés aux vélos. Et la majorité des villes le sont ; Karlsruhe est […]

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Taipei Street Food

Lime juice on sale in Shida Deep-fried chicken in Ximending Brochettes, squid and other treats in Shilin

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Hot Coffee on a Chilly Afternoon

Inside the Social Club café, St. Viateur Street, on a cold November afternoon in 2006

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A Gas Station in Danger

Mies van der Rohe gas station in May 2007. Photo by Kate McDonnell As a part of a city’s landscape, does a gas station have any inherent worth? My gut instinct would be to say no: they’re unsightly, detrimental to the pedestrian environment and environmentally destructive. But there’s more to it than that. It’s entirely […]

Tuesday Evening

Laneway between Waverly and St. Urbain, Mile End

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Art Vandalism or Conversation?

Photo by Jean-Pierre Caissie “It’s a phenomenon unique to public art: the possibility of response,” wrote Jean-Pierre Caissie, the artistic director of Dare-Dare, on his blog last month. “Artistic expression is usually a one-way street. The artist expresses himself and the museum presents his work. A few attempts at responding to the artist have ended […]

Green Lungs of Hong Kong

Watering the plants in Shatin Park On one of those smoggy days when you’re stuck in the crowds on Nathan Road, choking on diesel fumes and looking in vain for a bit of relief, it’s pretty hard to believe that country parks, city parks and natural areas make up more than half of Hong Kong’s […]

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Figures from the Back Streets

Stencil graffiti in the streets near Senado Square, Macau

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