Manhattan Eve

Manhattan skyline via the FDR

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Dépanneurs Beyond the Beer Ads

I’ve long been fascinated by dépanneurs, the ubiquitous Montreal convenience store that are usually owner-operated and ramshackle in appearance. They’re an integral part of life in Montreal—most people visit them at least once or twice a day for beer, milk, lotto tickets, cigarettes or a snack—and they occupy a vital place in the social and […]

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Hong Kong Doorways: For Rent

Hong Kong is an entrepreneurial place. Even when a shop goes out of business, it isn’t out of the game: as soon as the shutter comes down, the broker signs go up. In most cities, a landlord might try to rent the space out himself, or hire to a single broker to do the job. […]

Late Lunch

2:30pm in a restaurant on the outskirts of Saigon’s District 1

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Quebec City Tour: Notre Dame des Anges

Gateway to Quebec’s smallest municipality For most people in Quebec City, Notre Dame des Anges refers to the ironically-named street where you could pick up prostitutes in the days before Saint Roch was cleaned up and gentrified. Few locals realize there’s another place of the same name in their midst. Notre Dame des Anges is […]

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I Feel Bad For Transports Québec

Turcot in 1967, by Gabor Szilasi There were quite a few differences between the protest against police brutality, which took place some weeks ago, and the mobilization against the Turcot interchange. For one thing, the march against police brutality was dominated by police in full-on riot gear struggling to handle violent protesters. The mobilization against […]

Old China in Yau Ma Tei

While harbour reclamation has made Yau Ma Tei a landlocked neighbourhood, it began life as a waterfront village, with a large Tin Hau temple serving as a hub for trade and activity. When the British gained control of Kowloon in 1860, it laid a grid of mostly numbered streets through Yau Ma Tei. Most of […]

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Three Stops on the Cairo Metro

Mar Girgis Saad Zaghloul Giza Pending the completion of Johannesburg’s Gautrain, the Cairo Metro is the only rapid transit system in Africa. And for all the rot and deterioration that characterizes much of Cairo’s city center, it’s surprisingly clean and efficient, with stations that possess a maintenance level and design savvy that would be the […]

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A Perch on the Edge of the World

There are two types of architectural birdcages in Macau: casinos and balconies. One of this southern Chinese city’s most famous casinos, the gloriously kitschy Lisboa, could coop up a giant parrot, and across town, a massive aviary greets visitors at the city’s newest gambling complex, in the Four Seasons Hotel. This is the only place […]


Street sign on Taipa, Macau

Alley Chat

Near Athena Square in Park Extension, Montreal

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Cartoon Hong Kong

It’s always nice when someone likes your work enough to expand upon it. Two and a half years ago, the French artist Franck Chambrun made a series of paintings based on my photos of Montreal and Hong Kong. Now, another artist, Suwaru, has used a couple of my photos as backdrops for his bright and […]

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A City and its Balconies

Back in 2002, I was hired to write the cover story for Maisonneuve’s breakout third issue. It was my first real writing assignment and a big part of the reason why I ended up on the career path down which I’m now stumbling. Looking back, I cringe at the cloying introduction, but aside from that, […]

Mong Kok Snooker & Pool Club

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