Before the Grid

Paths in snow, on the beach and across fields show how people seem unable to walk straight even when they have a clear shot at where they’re going. People don’t walk straight. Not only do they take short cuts when they can, they avoid trees, rocks and uneven places. The streets in old cities and […]

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Langham Place

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The Son’s House: Hong Kong’s Plexes

Ding uk in Kam Sham Village, Tai Po I never thought I’d find a triplex in Hong Kong but it turns out there’s thousands of them. While Montreal’s triplexes were mostly built in the early twentieth century, the ones in Hong Kong, known in Cantonese as ding uk, are actually fairly recent. While ding uk […]

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Dusk in DUMBO

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Cheung Chau Kids

Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

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Moving Day

Another July 1st, another year I breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to move on Moving Day. I must be exceptionally lucky: I’ve never had to move on the same day as more than 100,000 other Montrealers. Instead, I have been able to wander the streets and watch, with voyeuristic glee, as […]

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Forty Years Since Stonewall

“Freedom! I want freedom! Let me go!” The woman’s arms were flailing wildly, and she was shouting at a police officer standing guard at the intersection of Christopher and Greenwich Streets. Her gesticulations could have been mistaken for a political protest — she was, after all, among the hundreds pressed against the crowd control barriers, […]

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Hong Kong Dream

[vimeo][/vimeo] Time-lapse footage of big city traffic is a bit of a cliché, but this isn’t time-lapse: it’s stop-motion. Edwin Lee has managed to capture Hong Kong’s evening energy with this animation made from more than 10,000 still images of the city. It’s meant to serve as a music video for an instrumental piece by […]

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