Living on the Edge

Rooftop houses in Kwun Tong By the end of this year, Hong Kong’s Buildings Department plans to finish clearing illegal rooftop structures from single-staircase buildings, marking the end of a clearance programme that began in 2001. But illegal rooftop communities continue to thrive, fed by a shortage of centrally located public housing and perennially high […]

Laneway Observations

Unpaved alley, central NDG Earlier this summer, Susan Semenak, a reporter for the Montreal Gazette, emailed me about a story she was doing on Montreal’s laneways. “I spent a large part of my childhood running around a grassy laneway behind 7th Ave. in LaSalle,” she wrote. “I love the other stories that laneways tell about […]

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Behind Ste. Catherine

Pigeons, a ghost ad and an old tavern sign in an alley between Mansfield and Metcalfe

Hongdae Night

Passers-by in Hongdae, one of Seoul’s many student nightlife districts

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