November 3rd, 2009

Vive la crise!

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Vive la crise

Montreal doesn’t seem to have been hit terribly hard by this latest crise économique, maybe because it has spent most of the recent past recovering from a string of much more substantial crises. At the very least, it has given us a break from the excesses of the previous years, a time to reflect on what had been going on. Some of the economic victims of the crisis, like the misguided Griffintown redevelopment project, are better off dead.

In any case, I enjoyed seeing the Berlin-based French artist SP-38‘s “Vive la crise!” posters around town. (He’s also responsible for an earlier spate of posters that read “Vive la bourgeoisie!” and “Vive la poésie!”) It’s a childish, contrarian exclamation, but it rings true to our instincts that the current season of change and contemplation is maybe, in some ways, a bit better than the blind exuberance of before.

Vive la crise

Vive la crise

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One comment

  1. bruno boutot says:

    Ha! Merci Christopher!
    J’avais trouvé un INSTIN, un avion bleu et quelques crises mais je me demandais qui c’était.

    Et merci SP38!

    November 3rd, 2009 at 10:12 pm