Google Street View Comes to Hong Kong

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When Google Street View was finally launched in Canada last fall, I was nearly ecstatic, since it let me revisit familiar old places I hadn’t seen in awhile, like my favourite Montreal streetcorners and memorable places from my life. Now Street View is available for Hong Kong, too. Though you’d think it wouldn’t be interesting wandering virtually through the places I frequent in real life, it’s actually quite satisfying to see them from the point of view of a 20-foot giant. There’s also great views from places I normally wouldn’t visit, like remote rural villages and elevated expressways. Plus, for those with a bent for the sensational and slightly pervy, there’s plenty of fun things to see.

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2 Responses to “Google Street View Comes to Hong Kong”

  • How did they even get down narrow little Gage St.? Do they have a smaller vehicle to explore back streets?

  • Gage Street is wide enough for a normal car to pass through — taxis do it all the time and they’re much bigger than the cars Google was using. But most of the other streets in the area were left off because there’s no way a car could get through.