Photo of the Week: There Will Be Light

And there will be a light...

This week’s photo was taken in Shanghai by Damien Polegato.

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4 Responses to “Photo of the Week: There Will Be Light”

  • Woods says:

    Wow ! I was very surprised to see my name in the RSS feed. It’s an honor to appear here among other great photographers here. Thanks for choosing my picture.

    I live in an old Shanghai neighborhood as you can see on the picture. The feeling is completely different from living in an high rise building.

    — Woods / Damien

  • C. Szabla says:

    I noticed that this seems to be a popular shot in the photostream; S_Peter and c_c_classon have both posted some similar shots from Ljubljana.

  • This picture make me feel like there are some human scale districts in Asia.. Like Paul Katz says in this recent article, a well planned city must be a mix of low rise and hight rise.

    Nice picture, lot of humanity in it

  • Believe me, Daniel, despite all the massive new buildings and urban renewal clearances, there are tons of human-scaled streets in Asia. Way more than in North America, for example… and not just because the population is larger.