In Between


The neighbourhood around Marconi Avenue is a bit of a strange place. I’m not even sure what to call it. Marooned between Little Italy to the east, the CPR tracks to the south, the Outremont railyards to the west and Jean-Talon to the north, it’s a kind of urban interstitial space, not entirely industrial, a little bit residential, without a name or any real defining features. Even the street names here are strange, changing unexpectedly and duplicating themselves for no reason, like at the corner of rue Alexandra and avenue Alexandra.

When I was back in Montreal last summer, I stayed with a friend in Park Extension, so I passed through this area almost every night on my way back home. It has become somewhat trendy in recent years. Dépanneur Le Pick-Up draws a mix of hipsters, taxi drivers and neighbourhood old-timers with its pulled-pork sandwiches and good coffee. Bands that once played further south have found a home at Il Motore on Jean-Talon. These are islands of activity in an archipelago of odd things: lonesome houses, unexpected churches, former factories.







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2 Responses to “In Between”

  • John Commins says:

    I have heard it called Mile Ex

  • SMD says:

    And the area is slated to be re-zoned as part of the city’s PDUÉS (“Plan de développement urbain, économique et social”) process that will start in early 2012. Already many homeowners and artists have been forced out of the neighbourhood by the rising rents and property taxes that the luxury condos are engendering. There are many nice big former textile buildings north of Jean-Talon (similar to the ones further south on Casgrain) that are in the sights of the developers and real-estate agents who have coined the “Mile-Ex” label. Anybody interested in helping shape the development of the neighbourhood should keep an eye open for public meetings and PDUÉS schedules.