Bruges: Back to the Future?

There probably aren’t too many places left in the world like Bruges. Located in Western Flanders, in the northwest of Belgium, Bruges is probably the best-preserved medieval city left in Europe. It’s a classic storybook town, drawn straight out of romance movies and children’s books, the kind of place you’d never imagine a city bus […]

Oh, Just Horsing Around

Bakery in the Marais. Photo by Christopher DeWolf It’s practically a law of the Earth: the corner bakery will have croissants. The tides will roll in and out, the seasons will change, and the corner bakery will have croissants. And so it was that on a particular Sunday, my corner bakery did not, actually, have […]

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Paris Gets Sassy

Paris 11ème. Photo by Christopher DeWolf Dmitri, a small man with a Russian accent as thick as the three or four red sweatshirts he was wearing, led me out a door and into a walled-in courtyard. He gestured at four plastic drums, each one about the size of two ATMs back-to-back, each one coloured in […]

Rotaries, For Fun and Profit

Place Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, at 10:30 p.m. on a rainy Monday. Exit 135 off New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway is not generally regarded as a very revolutionary structure. It’s a normal suburban freeway interchange, constructed near the middle of the twentieth century, which connects the Parkway to various nearby towns through roads that point outward […]