Fragments of Memory

[vimeo][/vimeo] How do you document the passage of time, the experience of place? Millefiores Clarkes, a filmmaker from Prince Edward Island, found her answer in the fragments of memory that linger long after something has passed. Last month, when she visited friends and family in Toronto, Clarkes documented her trip with an entry-level Canon DSLR. […]

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Aero Diptych

Photographed a couple years ago while en route to Calgary from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. I love how the pilot’s silhouette is so well defined and yet the idea of multiple existences in time and space is very much alive. If you’re viewing with a calibrated display you’ll enjoy subtleties like aqua pastel tones.

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Airport Space

Welcome to the airport. Photo by Ivan Makarov Long lines, delays, security hassles. Going to the airport brings to mind a number of things, but art, especially interactive art with a political conscience, is generally not one of them. That’s where Terminal Zero One comes in: A new art project at Pearson International Airport, it […]

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