The Hockey Sweater

Though it’s not actually a film about Christmas, I’ve always associated Sheldon Cohen’s “The Sweater” with the holiday season, maybe because it evokes all of the bittersweet feelings that come with receiving an eagerly-awaited gift, only to discover that it isn’t quite what you wanted. It’s also probably the most quintessentially hivernal of all the […]

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Cartoon Hong Kong

It’s always nice when someone likes your work enough to expand upon it. Two and a half years ago, the French artist Franck Chambrun made a series of paintings based on my photos of Montreal and Hong Kong. Now, another artist, Suwaru, has used a couple of my photos as backdrops for his bright and […]

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Life vs. Bombay Taxi-Wallah

[youtube]FJaVR7nJXX8[/youtube] Taxi drivers, it’s safe to say, have attained iconic status in the annals of urban folklore. They’re the embodiment of a city’s wiry energy and gritty determination to survive. They are strange, slightly crazy and defiantly individualistic. Surely, it takes a special character to drive strangers around for hours on end, competing with thousands […]