The Studio

I had never noticed this small Ste. Famille St. apartment building until today. In fact, it was my girlfriend who pointed it out to me. According to the city’s property records, it was built in 1937, which seems about right given the Art Deco verve of its name and design details. It’s probably occupied mostly […]

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Apartment Building Names

Maplecourt, McGill Ghetto On a cold, grey day last December, stir-crazy after more than a week of snow, I took a walk down Decarie Boulevard in Montreal. It’s not the most obvious place for a stroll—a six-lane, sunken expressway runs down the middle of it—but it’s a pretty interesting street nonetheless, taking you through a […]

Nathalie and Denbigh

My hunt for apartment building names has only just begun, but these two photos show exactly why I’m interested in them in the first place. Appartement Nathalie is located on St. Denis near Rachel, right in the middle of the Plateau Mont-Royal. The Denbigh, meanwhile, can be found about five kilometres to the west, at […]