Turning the Place Over

[youtube]ZXn6PXBOyRY[/youtube] What do you do with an abandoned building? Turn it into art. Such is the case in Liverpool where the British sculptor Richard Wilson has created Turning the Place Over, an ambitious intervention that removes an eight metre chunk of façade from a building in central Liverpool, rotates it and puts it back into […]

Save Our City’s Kitsch!

The Orange Julep. Photo by afternoon_sunlight Montreal has lost one of its more remarkable pieces of kitsch architecture: today, the Canada Motel, a 47-year-old landmark on Taschereau Blvd. on the South Shore, closed its doors for good. The motel, topped by a giant neon sign, is designed in the style of a typical Quebec farmhouse, […]

Will the United Nations Move to Montreal?

Last week, La Presse reported quite breathlessly that the federal government, which owns the Port of Montreal and much of the land along its waterfront, has been lobbying the United Nations to move its headquarters from New York to Montreal. The rationale, apparently, is that the UN’s current headquarters, housed in an iconic complex built […]

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Then and Now #4: Mutilated in Mile End

When it was built in 1929, Reding Apartments was a building both beautiful and modest. Clad in greystone, its façade was embellished with playful etchings that depicted seashells, flowers and lots of swirly things. It was perfectly proportioned, a brilliant example of the solid Main Street architecture that was common on Montreal’s commercial streets in […]

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Cornices of Montreal

Various neighbourhoods, all residential buildings. A sequel to this earlier Mile End collection.

And On the Sixth Day…

Short Street, Manchester “Chavchester”

Bleak, Whimsical Reykjavik

Located on the edge of the arctic circle, Iceland’s capital has an undeniable intrigue. Populated by only 100,000 residents, Reykjavik feels as if it has the arts scene of a much larger city. Icelandic cinema, music and literature is brilliant and unique, treading the line between playful whimsy and apocalyptic bleakness. This is not unlike […]