Photos of the Week: Christmas in the City

The Bronx, New York. Photo by Chris Arnade Chinatown, New York. Photo by Keith Goldstein Chicago. Photo by Gabriel X. Michael

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It’s Not Christmas Without Inflatable Snowmen

One of my favourite Montreal traditions is the annual onslaught of Christmas kitsch. The official decorations are actually pretty tasteful — the elegant tree at Place Ville-Marie, the demure little wreaths installed on lampposts — so to compensate, people buy the tackiest decorations they can find and install them on balconies and in front yards […]

Chengdu’s Odd Christmas Tradition

I was at dinner last night when one of my friends told me about a strange Christmas Eve tradition in her hometown of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan. “Every year, people go to the main pedestrian street and start hitting each other with inflatable toys,” she explained. I was perplexed, though far from surprised. Christmas […]

Christmas Time for the Jews

[youtube]lbFFltjoGdI[/youtube] It’s December 25th, that bizarre day when much of the population seems to have vanished into their living rooms in a sugar-and-turkey-fuelled daze. But what about everyone else? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s no better day to catch a movie or grab Chinese food, as this classic animation by Saturday Night Live’s Robert […]

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Ho Ho Holiday Tackiness

This year, December in Montreal has been distinctly green, with few flakes to be seen, especially not on the twenty-fifth day of the month. It wasn’t much of a surprise, then, when I came across a snowman who was absolutely devastated by the lack of snow. Montrealers have a particular fondness for tacky Christmas decorations: […]

Lighting Up the Plaza for the 77th Time

Every Thanksgiving night, the Country Club Plaza district in Kansas City, Missouri sets aglow amid thousands of revelers. The older, faux-Spanish low-rise edifices are adorned with miles upon miles of Christmas lights. The first iterations of what is now known largely as “The Plaza” were built in the 1920s in the formerly swampish southern nether-reaches […]