The Future of Canadian Cities

In 2008, Carmine Starnino, poet and now editor of Maisonneuve magazine, asked me to write an essay on the future of Canadian cities for an issue of Canadian Notes and Queries he was guest-editing. Here’s what I came up with. Some days, on the corner of Clark and de la Gauchetière in Montreal, you’ll find […]

Informal Space, Untouched

Maguire Meadow. Photo from imagine (le) mile-end I found myself in Kennedy Town yesterday evening, my hair still dripping from swimming at a nearby pool as I walked towards the waterfront, beer in hand. At the small promenade built next to a bus loop, the smell of diesel fumes in the air, I stopped to […]

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Art Vandalism or Conversation?

Photo by Jean-Pierre Caissie “It’s a phenomenon unique to public art: the possibility of response,” wrote Jean-Pierre Caissie, the artistic director of Dare-Dare, on his blog last month. “Artistic expression is usually a one-way street. The artist expresses himself and the museum presents his work. A few attempts at responding to the artist have ended […]

Last Hurrah for a Park With No Name

Rooftop sleepovers aside, Mile-End isn’t normally known as a camping destination. That will soon change, at least for four days, with “Camping aux bons plaisirs fugaces,” a camping-themed arts event, hosted by the artist-run centre Dare-Dare, which will take place this weekend. From tonight, Thursday, June 5 until Sunday, June 8, 13 artists will sleep […]

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Taking it to the Streets

“The Nest,” an early October installation by Chih Chien Wang It glowed amid its sombre surroundings, a giant Lego-brick lantern underneath the Van Horne Viaduct. For three weeks this fall, Chih-Chien Wang’s installation The Nest was hosted by the artist-run centre Dare-Dare in a space at the corner of St. Laurent Blvd. and Van Horne […]