Hong Kong Doorways: Shop Gates

Shop gates in Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Doorways: For Rent

Hong Kong is an entrepreneurial place. Even when a shop goes out of business, it isn’t out of the game: as soon as the shutter comes down, the broker signs go up. In most cities, a landlord might try to rent the space out himself, or hire to a single broker to do the job. […]

Hong Kong Doorways: Domestic Life

These doors on the island of Cheung Chau lead to village house apartments. They’re pretty unremarkable at first glance, but if you look at them a second time you begin to realize that they are perfect representations of residential doorways in Hong Kong. Shoes are clustered around the door, a testament to the cramped conditions […]

Hong Kong Doorways: Shuttered

Metal shutters are common in many cities; Hong Kong is no exception, especially since many of its shops lack doors altogether, making the shutter the only way to seal it up at night. Every so often, just after a store has closed or before it has opened, a small door is left open in the […]

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Hong Kong Doorways: Houseboats

For all the glitz of its office towers and the sheer triumph of its gargantuan housing estates, Hong Kong is still inextricably linked to the ocean that surrounds it. Fresh fish is a staple of Cantonese cuisine and, throughout Hong Kong, dozens of villages and neighbourhoods still rely on the fishery. The Aberdeen Harbour is […]

Hong Kong Doorways: Cacaphony

Whenever I’m walking down the street in Hong Kong I think about all of the information I’m missing because I can’t read Chinese: menus, advertisements, election signs, protest banners. (I’m particularly regretful I can’t read the menus.) Sometimes, though, I wonder if I’m actually being given a break, considering how many thousands of words compete […]

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Through the Door

Toy surname association, East Georgia St. Single room occupancy hotel, East Georgia St. Greeting card and lai see shop, Pender St.

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Novgorod, Russia A walk in the city. A glance to the side. A glimpse of light.

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