Walk This Way

Maya Barkai’s crowdsourced art installation has brought pedestrian crossing symbols from around the world to New York’s streets Only a block north from the construction barriers surrounding the former site of the World Trade Center, which brim with boastful renderings of progress on the nearly-complete September 11th Memorial, another, less conspicuous hole opens up in […]

Photo of the Week: Sweet Smoke

This week’s photo reminds me of the waves of sweet, musky tobacco smoke I sometimes encounter when walking down the street — an experience that is becoming increasingly rare. It was taken in Freiburg, Germany, by Flickr user vaquey. Every week, we feature striking images from our Urbanphoto group on Flickr. Want to see your […]

A Small Space in Europe

Laundry in an old basement, Jena (2010)

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Morning Coffee: Cappuccino with Salami

Bier und kaffee, Jena Le matin se lève doucement à Jena, dans une brume lourde, qui flotte au travers de la petite cité universitaire. Dans les rues, le bruit de mes pas donne le rythme, alors que le calme respire aux alentours. J’habite, l’instant d’une nuité, dans le Quartier des Dames – Damenviertel – où […]

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Promoting Cycling in Germany

C’est l’été et les responsables de bike sharing ne lésinent pas sur les arguments de choc pour encourager l’usage du vélo ! “Avec moi, tu consommes au minimum 300 calories par heure.” / “With me, you burn at least 300 calories an hour.”

November 9th

A city was reunited twenty years ago. There’s plenty to read about the demise of the Berlin Wall, which fell on November 9th, 1989, but what occupies my thoughts is Robin McMorran’s 1985 photo, which I originally posted in 2007. It says a lot about the arbitrariness and absurdity of separation walls, which in the […]

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Building Blocks

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/6736261[/vimeo] When I saw this fun Berlin-commie-block-as-Tetris video, I immediately thought of Habitat 67, Moshe Safdie’s experimental modular apartment building. When it was built, by assembling prefab housing cubes into a jumbled whole, it looked more or less like what you see in this video. Unfortunately, Safdie’s vision of customizable, prefabricated apartment construction wasn’t as […]

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Espace public et bicyclettes

En arrivant pour la première fois à Karlsruhe, en Allemagne, j’ai été surprise par le nombre de bicyclettes aux alentours de la gare centrale. Il faut dire qu’avec ses 65 millions de cyclistes, l’Allemagne – et ses villes – se doivent d’être adaptés aux vélos. Et la majorité des villes le sont ; Karlsruhe est […]

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Stumbling Blocks

Pierres d’achoppement de Max et Meta Seta Strauss, morts à Auschwitz en 1942 « Pierre d’achoppement » en français, Stolperstein en allemand, stumbling blocks en anglais, tel est le nom d’un projet européen qui vise à placer un « pavé de la mémoire » devant l’entrée du dernier lieu de résidence des victimes du nazisme. Initié par l’artiste allemand […]

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Post-Soviet Dresden: Filling in the Gaps

A mural gracing the side of the Kulturpalast is a conspicuous reminder of Dresden’s recent history Like many cities in the former DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, in English ‘German Democratic Republic’ or simply East Germany), post-Second World War Dresden followed principles of urban governance that were distinctly opposed to those that had reigned for centuries […]

Can’t Get Enough of Berlin

Warschauer Strasse, Friedrichshain Kastanienallee, Prenzlauer Berg

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Berliner U-Bahn

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