The Nightless City

[youtube][/youtube] Most people use Google Street View for directions; Yuichiro Tamura uses it to make movies. “I became interested in Street View’s images because they’re very anonymous,” says the 36-year-old Berlin-based Japanese artist. Never before has there been such an extensive and dispassionate repository of world scenes. “Nobody knows who takes them, and they aren’t […]

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Seen and Unseen: Street View Meets Brazil

View Larger Map A colorful crossing in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro Google Street View has landed in Brazil, and its timing is probably no accident: it’s a momentous point in the country’s history. Latin America’s sleeping giant seems, at last, to be climbing into its proper place in the global pecking order: it’s an increasingly […]

Street View in South Africa

View Larger Map Hillbrow, Johannesburg With the world’s attention trained to the World Cup in South Africa, it’s a logical time for Google to debut its Street View coverage of the country. People unfamiliar with South Africa now have a chance to peer beyond the stereotypes and get a look at the country as it […]

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Google Street View Comes to Hong Kong

View Larger Map When Google Street View was finally launched in Canada last fall, I was nearly ecstatic, since it let me revisit familiar old places I hadn’t seen in awhile, like my favourite Montreal streetcorners and memorable places from my life. Now Street View is available for Hong Kong, too. Though you’d think it […]

Shots and Corners

View Larger Map Before I left Montreal, my geography geek friend Sam Imberman organized an event for all of the other geography geeks he knew. He called it “Shots and Corners.” For three hours, we walked through Little Italy, Outremont, Mile End and the Plateau to visit everyone’s favourite streetcorners. We honoured each corner with […]