Graffiti Alley

Street art in Hong Kong tends to be limited to specific areas and the scene is dominated by a handful of very prolific artists, like Start from Zero and Graphic Airlines, who work mainly with posters, stencil art and stickers. In a few corners of town, though, it’s possible to find clusters of exuberantly traditional […]

Reviving Hong Kong’s Street Markets

For Chow Yuk-yee, Hong Kong’s bustling Central street market is not just a place to make a living, it’s her home. Born just a few blocks away, she has spent her entire life here, first in her family’s fruit shop and now in the flower stall she owns with her husband, Cheung Wai-man, at the […]

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Hey You, Hurry Up

Street art on Duluth and St. Viateur streets, Montreal

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Preserving the King’s Legacy

One of the last remains of Tsang Tsou Choi’s work, now protected by a special coating and latex screen During his lifetime, the King of Kowloon was seen by the Hong Kong government as little more than a nuisance. But that was before the Star Ferry incident raised public awareness about identity, culture and heritage […]

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Art Vandalism or Conversation?

Photo by Jean-Pierre Caissie “It’s a phenomenon unique to public art: the possibility of response,” wrote Jean-Pierre Caissie, the artistic director of Dare-Dare, on his blog last month. “Artistic expression is usually a one-way street. The artist expresses himself and the museum presents his work. A few attempts at responding to the artist have ended […]

Sheung Wan Graffiti

Street art in the lanes of Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Produkt Paints the City

Every year, city officials decry the rising tide of graffiti that is washing over Montreal, vowing to drain it away with ever more haste. In April, $1 million was invested in a crackdown on graffiti, including $340,000 in the downtown area alone. For the most part, they’re responding to the concerns of the general public, […]