Shanghai: Creative Destruction?

Linden trees in the old French concession In 2010, when Shanghai hosts the World Expo, 35 percent of the city is supposed to be dedicated greenspace. The stated goal is provide 15 square meters of green space per resident, with a park or other green feature no farther away than a half-kilometer walk from anyone’s […]

Red and Green in Kochi

Hammer-and-sickle in Kochi, the largest city of Kerala, a state that has elected several Marxist-Leninist governments The view from the train window on the trip between Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of India’s Kerala State, and Kochi, its biggest city, is one of nearly continuous development. As I looked out the open windows I kept waiting for […]

Green City: Montreal in the Summer

On the left, a good way to start a summer day On the right, the Mile End community garden sits next to old factories You can get hungry for green in Montreal in the winter, but in the summer the city abounds in greenery. Walking around this city got me started thinking a few years […]

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