Notre-Dame and Griffintown: 1930-2010

Notre Dame St West, circa 1930-2010 What happened here ? This used to be the north end of Griffintown, right next to the business center of Montreal. À Montréal, au cours des années 1950 et 1960, notamment suite au rapport Dozois, on identifie des dizaines de quartiers qualifiés d’insalubres, vus comme irrécupérables, et où les […]

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Lower Town

On a quiet, cold weekend in Griffintown, the looming skyscrapers of downtown can seem like an illusion, so incongruous a backdrop do they make to the empty streets and dormant industry.

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Village Griffintown: We Have Questions

As a resident of Sud-Ouest — right where Griffintown, Little Burgundy and Point St-Charles intersect, actually — I was surprised by the scope and scale of the Village Griffintown project announced yesterday for a long-neglected neighbourhood in southwestern Montreal. It’s not at all what we were expecting, and while we welcome redevelopment, and the proposed […]

What Will Become of Griffintown?

Recently, Quebec developer Devimco partnered with Toronto-based RioCan to build the suburban Dix30 “lifestyle centre,” a drive-in power-centre big-box shopping mall located in a greenfield development at the intersections of Highways 10 and 30 on the South Shore. Devimco is now working with the City of Montreal to push through a similar $1B development right […]

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View From a Forgotten Street

The intersection of St-Maurice and St-Dupré streets in Griffintown On an evening of urban exploration with Kate McDonnell (Urbanphoto contributor and la bloggeuse from Montreal City Weblog), we approached Notre-Dame by way of more southerly side streets, where Griffintown and the Cité Multimédia meet up under the elevated portion of the Bonaventure expressway, aka University. […]