Things to Do in the Streets of Guangzhou

Sell corn. Sell gourds. Buy tomatoes.

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Street Furniture in Guangzhou

I’ve written a bit about the discarded furniture phenomenon in Hong Kong, where people make up for a lack of quality street furniture by putting household chairs in the street for people to use. It turns out Hong Kong has got nothing on Guangzhou. In that city’s ancient Liwan District, where leafy, winding streets are […]

The Pearl River Megalopolis

Shenzhen from above “China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people,” announced a breathless headline in Sunday’s Telegraph, detailing plans to combine the cities of Guangdong province’s Pearl River Delta (PRD) into a massive urban conurbation. “Over the next six years, around 150 major infrastructure projects will mesh the transport, […]

Guangzhou Alleyway Neighbourhood

Like most Chinese cities, Guangzhou is sliced up into large blocks by big streets, and each of these blocks is dissected by lots of tiny, meandering alleyways. (It’s like a more fine-grained version of American suburbia, with its arterial roads and spaghetti subdivisions.)

Exploding with Greenery

Chaotic, polluted, the cradle of Cantonese culture — these were some of the ways I had heard Guangzhou described before I visited last month. Reality was a bit different. It wasn’t chaotic at all; in fact, it was rather calm and orderly for a Chinese city. It was also less Cantonese than I expected. Cantonese […]

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Red White and Blue

Bangkok Guangzhou Hong Kong

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Inside the World’s Largest Human Migration

[youtube][/youtube] Last Saturday, I stumbled into Cinema du Parc after fighting a losing battle with some serious wind-chill. I found myself watching Lixin Fan’s documentary, Last Train Home, a jarring film that expertly chronicles the world’s largest human migration. Every year, 130 million Chinese migrant workers attempt to make it back to their homes in […]

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A Few Guangzhou Scenes

One of many groups on a weekday morning, in a beautiful lakeside park in north-central Guangzhou. Sticky summer days in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Guangzhou’s an old city with lots of outdoor life, especially in the parks and smaller neighbourhood streets. Mahjong players on Guangzhou’s Shamian Island, once the European district. The set back buildings […]

The Motorcycles of the Pearl River Delta

The fast ferry between Hong Kong and Macau is disorienting. It is essentially a floating airline cabin, with neat rows of preassigned seats in which you are expected to remain for the duration of the trip. Roving attendants offer drinks and sandwiches. There is no outside deck on which you can stand and taste the […]