City Goats

Cats, dogs, squirrels, pigeons, rats, even raccoons — these are the animals I associate with the city. Not goats. Then I went to Delhi. There are more than 864 million goats in the world, around 140 million of which live in India. More than a handful of those have found their way to the streets […]

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Delhi Bikes

I came across these bicycles on Janpath, in Central Delhi, not far from Connaught Place. They were resting just outside a construction site, so I assume they were owned by workers. What caught my eye wasn’t the bikes, though, it was the woven plastic baskets hanging from each of their handles.

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Nizamuddin’s Tomb

In the central courtyard of Nizamuddin’s Tomb, in Delhi, stands a beautiful white building. Pillars support an ornate canopy with an onion shaped dome. Its underside is finely painted with swirling greens and reds: a floral pattern. Crowds push between the pillars, straining to reach the golden chamber at the centre. Inside is a bed-like marble platform, […]

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Photos of the Week: Instant India

Varanasi. Polaroid on canvas (2011) by Lionel Muñoz Varanasi. Polaroid with 669 film (2011) by Lionel Muñoz

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Lepers, Gods & Immortality: L’India di Manganelli

DCorbeil | Lèpre et idoles, Montréal 2010 16h45. L’aiguille marque la minute d’un tac dramatique. Sonorité agaçante et répétitive. Je suis assis à la terrasse du Club Social, Mile End, tantôt le nez plongé dans ce bouquin d’importation, déniché à prix fort dans cette librairie opulente de l’Avenue du Parc. Tantôt le regard scrutateur, balayant la masse […]

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Delhi Steps Towards the Future

Nothing embodies the way India is modernising like the Delhi Metro. Opened in 2002, the system’s clean, marble floored stations and smooth, linked-carriage trains rival those of the most developed cities across the road. The network has changed city life. Destinations that once took hours to get to on the traffic clogged roads can now […]

Little England in India

If only the bus were a little more red and a little less boxy, I could have sworn I was in South Kensington or Knightsbridge in London rather than in Mumbai. The double decker bus, the Victorian Gothic architecture — a common inheritance of the British empire that is at once familiar and strange. I […]

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Paharganj, or the Dregs of Delhi

Tooti Chowk, Paharganj, Delhi Paharganj is a mix of crowded makeshift homes, budget traveler hangouts, and the odd chunk of decaying heritage. It’s also an example of what happens when a section of town is left to its own devices with little consideration for urban planning. A few centuries back, Paharganj was a grain bazaar […]

Indigo India

Bundi, Rajasthan, India Bundi, Rajasthan, India

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Don’t Bulldoze the Slums

Street scene in Dharavi. Photo from the Economist “Around 6am, the squealing of copulating rats—signalling a night-long verminous orgy on the rooftops of Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai—gives way to the more cheerful sound of chirruping sparrows. Through a small window in Shashikant (“Shashi”) Kawale’s rickety shack, daylight seeps. It reveals a curly black head […]

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Red and Green in Kochi

Hammer-and-sickle in Kochi, the largest city of Kerala, a state that has elected several Marxist-Leninist governments The view from the train window on the trip between Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of India’s Kerala State, and Kochi, its biggest city, is one of nearly continuous development. As I looked out the open windows I kept waiting for […]

Victoria Regina vs. Technicolor Hippies

“My grandfather was a barber to the British,” says this umpteenth-generation barber in Dalhousie, India In India, Victorian England is alive and well with all its stuffy floweriness and chastity belts. Picture yourself in a café painted in sombre greens. A Brahmin gentleman at the table next to yours takes Queen & Lion brand snuff […]

The Other Side of Goa

Most people’s image of Goa involves a combination of beaches, drugs, all-night raves, and burnt out hippies. Few come here to take in the Portuguese heritage of Panaji, its capital city. This is the side of Goa that captured my attention.

Life vs. Bombay Taxi-Wallah

[youtube]FJaVR7nJXX8[/youtube] Taxi drivers, it’s safe to say, have attained iconic status in the annals of urban folklore. They’re the embodiment of a city’s wiry energy and gritty determination to survive. They are strange, slightly crazy and defiantly individualistic. Surely, it takes a special character to drive strangers around for hours on end, competing with thousands […]