The Urban Midwest

Kansas City Saint Louis Chicago I gallivanted somewhat in August, visiting St. Louis and Chicago, and as always, snapping prodigious amounts of photos in the interim in Kansas City. Check out the entire set from the urban midwestern United States

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Creating the Surreal in Kansas City

Today, I wafted about the western portion of Kansas City, Missouri’s downtown loop, giddy and elated at the proposition of indulging in my guiltiest pleasure—high dynamic range photography, or HDR. Actually, what I’ve done is more properly known as tone mapping. To put it simply, these tone-mapped photos have been digitally manipulated to reveal as […]

Kansas City’s Garment District

The Garment District, in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, is a geographically small part of downtown, but nonetheless exudes an enjoyable glimpse into the city’s architectural history. In this area, formerly used for clothing manufacturing, one now finds a Folger’s Coffee plant, among other industrial uses, plus lofts, offices, bars, restaurants, and a jazz club. Check […]

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City in the Snow, This Time in January

Click here to view the whole set of snowy photos from Kansas City.

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City in the Snow

Kansas City is amid its first major winterish weather event. The ice came first, then came the snow. I was planning on riding my bike to work this morning, but found that my bike lock was frozen, and was thus unable to unlatch my bike from the porch post on the back of my building. […]

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Lighting Up the Plaza for the 77th Time

Every Thanksgiving night, the Country Club Plaza district in Kansas City, Missouri sets aglow amid thousands of revelers. The older, faux-Spanish low-rise edifices are adorned with miles upon miles of Christmas lights. The first iterations of what is now known largely as “The Plaza” were built in the 1920s in the formerly swampish southern nether-reaches […]

Revolutionary to Some, A Tool Shed to Others

In Kansas City, Missouri hath dwelt a project that portends a riotous, semi-calamitous melieu of consternation for the benefactors, the commoners, and even the neer-do-wells. Here is the Nelson Atkins Museum of Fine Art in its known form: Then, one day, the powers that be decided there simply wasn’t enough room for all of the […]

An Art Fair, Lousy Weather and Lots of Beer

Here I was gadding through the Westport Art Fair in Kansas City in mid-September. KC’s frequent art fairs and gallery crawls make it easy to get streetlife photos with relative regularity. In September we had both the Westport Art Fair and the Plaza Art Fair, with the Plaza fair drawing national artists, and the Westport […]