À la bibliothèque

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ0A8kmMCns[/youtube] Expounding upon the virtues of public libraries is a bit like talking about how good it is to breathe clean air: it’s kind of obvious. But just as we insist on polluting our air until it is nearly toxic, libraries are often shamefully neglected. That was the case for most of Montreal’s history, but […]

A Book Market for the Big Bibliothèque?

When it opened at the end of April, 2005, the Grande Bibliothèque defied expectations when it attracted tens of thousands of people who were eager to check out its airy architecture and multimedia, multilingual collection. The crowds never let up: even today, two and a half years later, a visit to the library reveals an […]

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Inside Montreal’s “Grand Urban Gesture”

A couple of weeks ago, Midnight Poutine reported that Montreal’s new central library, the Grande Bibliothèque, has won first place in the 2007 Library Building Awards. “At once urban, human scaled, and extraordinarily open, the building succeeds by its exquisite use of materials and detailing both inside and outside,” wrote the jury. “There is a […]

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